In 2010, S.T. Dupont has opened a department Haute Creation entirely dedicated to drawing and manufacturing master Pieces.
S.T. Dupont is celebrating 10 years of prestige and exclusivity. A chance to look back over a rich, fascinating story, and featuring some of the most illustrious collections. The Atelier Haute Creation is the culmination of a passion in order to create master pieces.

Haute creation or excellence seeking out excellence

For 147 years, S.T. Dupont has expressed its passion for outstanding craftsmanship, passed down from generation to generation. In the 21st century, the legend lives on, in perfect harmony with its roots and a future of promise.
Master goldsmiths and silversmiths, lacquerers and trunk-makers have created unique and durable objects that are entirely crafted by hand and made in France for exceptional individuals. This legendary and unique know-how, combined with an entrepreneurial spirit true to the founder Simon Tissot Dupont, contribute to perpetuating the international aura and recognition of a House that embodies Fine French Craftsmanship.

This valuable heritage was recognised at the highest level in 2009 when the French state awarded the maison the prestigious "Entreprise du Patrimoine Vivant" (Living Heritage Company) label which honours French companies that have historically preserved exceptional expertise.
For S.T. Dupont, it was essential to take this pursuit of excellence and uniqueness even further. “Haute Creation” department is devoted to creating 100% hand-crafted and individually numbered lighters and pens to order.

S.T. Dupont has gathered together the most highly-skilled craftsmen for these creations, to combine rare or almost extinct techniques with powerful and original inspiration.
A contemporary cabinet of deliberately elite curiosities where artists, designers and craftsmen work in perfect harmony together to create exclusive and unique objects made by hand in workshops of Faverges, Haute-Savoie.
Whether it is due to the inspiration of the designers that form the collaborative ventures, or the amazing materials crafted, S.T. Dupont's "Atelier Haute creation" is the holy of holies of arts and crafts where nothing is beyond the realms of possibility.

S.T. Dupont's Haute creation enables internationally famous artists and designers to express their talent in total freedom. Their inspiration, combined with the expertise of S.T. Dupont craftsmen, gives birth to decorations for lighters, pens and leather goods of unparalleled boldness and perfection. Thanks to them, the art of fire, the art of writing and the art of travelling have never been so spectacular. The expertise of S.T. Dupont's artists and craftsmen is known all over the world. But this know-how is generous in nature, since, within Haute creation, exciting encounters are arranged with other designers and other craftsmen. Out of these collaborative ventures, at the top, objects narrate a story that combine technical perfection and aesthetic magnificence.

Haute création or the shaping of the extraordinary

Luxury is a matter of beauty and rarity, but S.T. Dupont's artists and craftsmen also know how it can be sensory, or even sensual. Thus, in the hands of the "living treasures" of Faverges, the pens, lighters and leather goods created under the Haute creations name are decorated with materials that are as exceptional as they are surprising, calling at times on techniques that may well have completely disappeared in time.
As this journey to the heart of Haute creation shows, manufacturing individual objects by hand is not just an obligation for S.T. Dupont, it is the heart of what it stands for. It has chosen the exceptional over the banal, quality over mediocrity, and personality over uniformity.
Whether a lighter, fountain pen, whether carved in bronze, brass or precious metals, whether used every day or carefully preserved for expert viewing, here functional objects become works of art.

S.T. Dupont's Haute creation gloriously embodies the company's unswerving faith in the existence of conscious and audacious luxury, rooted in more than one hundred and forty-seven years of tradition and passing down the generations a passion to create exceptional objects intended for exceptional people.
The choice of connoisseurs from visionaries and artists to world leaders and royalty: Exceptional products for exceptional people since 1872.


Current Haute Creation collection
- Delivery by 3 months after the confirmation order

Special project
- Reception of the “Special project form” by the Marketing team
- Design and tariff proposal (2 weeks)
- Validation by the client / or new design proposal according to the client requested modifications (1/2 weeks)
- Final Tariff proposal (1 week)
- Final validation by the client
- Production & delivery (4 months)